Stéphanie Giovannini

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"Why Care and What’s in It for Me Anyway?"

Your existing and prospective customers want answers. They want to know:


  • Why do I need your product, your service?
  • What’s in it for me if we do business?
  • And how can your offer help, save money or resources, give me a competitive edge?


They will want to learn about your product or service. They need answers to:


  • What is it, what can it do?
  • How does it work?
  • And how does it differ from what the competition offers?


Together with texpertise, you will get to the bottom of these questions. And translate your products' and services' features into benefits. On- and offline; in English or in German; B2B2C.


Upon request, texpertise also provides communication services in French - from writing copy to proofreading to editing.



Marketing communications is at the heart of your sales. texpertise digs deep into your products' benefits and features.

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Web communications include all online activity: corporate website, blog, social media platforms, and analytics.

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Corporate communications is your key to instilling trust, creating authenticity, and building credibility.

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